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The introductory page of this website.
The Society
About the Society - An introduction to the Southampton Canal Society including a list of Society contacts.
Society Meetings and Events - Accept our invitation to come to our monthly meetings and other events - find out more.
Society Meeting Place - The location of Chilworth Hall - the normal venue for our monthly meetings.
Meetings Index - List of speakers and subjects at our meetings since 1990.
Latest Newsletter - our latest monthly newsletter.
Newsletter Archive - A collection of the Society’s Newsletters since 1990, available in PDF format. Go to the archive for further details.
Waterway Activities
Waterway Events & Meetings - Find out what’s happening on the inland waterways scene within 50 miles of Southampton.
Waterway Trip Boats - Trip boats operating within about 50 miles of Southampton.
Waterway Links - Links to other websites that may be of interest.
Local Waterways
Introduction to local waterways - Discover the canals and inland waterways in and around southern Hampshire.
Andover Canal
Introduction - This canal ran south from Andover to tidal water at Redbridge.
Construction - Discover the attempts to introduce navigation to the Test valley.
Trade - Find out what is known about the use of the canal.
Latter days - Learn about the demise of the canal.
Remains of the Canal - A brief look at the line and remains of the canal.
River Avon (Hampshire)
River Avon (Hampshire) - Attempts were made in the 17th & 18th centuries to make this river navigable from Salisbury to Christchurch.
Chichester Canal
Chichester Canal - This waterway started out as part of the Portsmouth & Arundel Canal.
Portsmouth & Arundel Canal
Portsmouth & Arundel Canal - This waterway was intended to be part of a waterway route linking Portsmouth and London.
Southampton & Salisbury Canal
Introduction - An introduction to the unfinished Southampton and Salisbury Canal.
History - The rise and fall of a mismanaged project.
Early Proposals
Promotion and Speculation
Which Route?
Authorised Route
Construction Begins
Problems with the Tunnel
Problems with Money
Exorbitant Charges
A Second Attempt
Success almost in sight
Canal in use
The Aftermath
Railway Construction
The Waterway Today - A description of the route of the canal with photographs.
 Southampton Arm:
 Salisbury Arm:
Maps - Links to a number of maps showing the course of the canal.
Titchfield Canal
Titchfield Canal - A history and description of the Titchfield Canal.
This Website
What’s New - Changes made to the Southampton Canal Society website.
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Site Map - This page.