Itchen Navigation: Distance Table and Dimensions


In its final form the Navigation had 15 locks and 2 half-locks (with a single pair of gates at each) with a combined rise of about 105 feet (32 metres) from mean sea level at Woodmill to Winchester.

The locks were capable of passing boats about 70 feet long with a beam of 13 feet (21.3m x 4.0m). The barges used were capable of carrying between 25 and 45 tons, but, often, poor maintenance of the waterway meant a full cargo could not be carried.

Distance Table

PlaceFrom Black BridgeFrom Northam Quay
Black Bridge and Blackbridge Wharf, Winchester0.00.012.420.0
Tun Bridge0.50.811.919.2
St Catherine Lock1.01.611.418.4
Twyford Lane End Lock1.52.510.917.5
Junction with main river1.62.610.817.4
Tumbling Bay (hatches)1.82.810.617.2
Compton Lock2.23.510.216.5
Shawford Bridge2.64.29.815.8
Shawford Single Gates2.74.39.715.7
Malm Bridge3.
Malm Lock3.
College Mead Lock3.76.08.714.0
Downs Bridge4.
Brambridge Lock4.
Brambridge Bridge4.
Brambridge Single Gates4.57.37.912.7
Allbrook Lock5.
Ham Bridge5.89.36.610.7
Railway Bridge6.09.76.410.3
Withymead Lock6.
Barton Bay (junction with Barton River)6.610.55.89.5
Stoke Lock6.810.95.69.1
Stoke Bridge, Bishopstoke6.911.15.58.9
Conegar Lock7.
Fish House Bay (junction with Barton River)7.311.75.18.3
Chicken Hall Railway Bridge7.912.64.57.4
Lock House Lock8.
Decoypond Lock8.814.23.65.8
Sandy Lock9.
M27 Motorway crossing9.615.52.84.5
Mansbridge Lock9.715.62.74.4
Mans Bridge (junction with main river, navigable to Gaters Mill)9.815.92.64.1
Woodmill Lock10.416.72.03.3
Cobden Bridge11.318.21.11.8
Northam Quay12.420.00.00.0

It should be noted that the above distances relate to length of the Navigation when in use. The M27 Motorway crossing has caused a diversion of the public footpath adding 0.4 miles (0.7 km) to the length of the path.

The main river upstream of Mans Bridge was navigable to Gaters Mill (formerly Westend Mills) for a distance of 0.3 miles (0.5 km).