Southampton and Salisbury Canal: Picture Gallery No 4

Southampton Arm: Millbrook to Redbridge

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From Blechynden Terrace (see Gallery 3) the canal ran just above high water mark separated from it by an embankment to keep out high tides. In the 1840's, the later railway was either constructed on the bed of the old canal or was built upon the foreshore. For example, the railway did not follow the canal between the site of Millbrook Station (opened 1861) and Millbrook Point.

West of Millbrook Point, the canal roughly followed the then shoreline, although today this is hundreds of yards inland as a result of construction associated with the docks. The line of canal re-crosses the railway line at the east end of Redbridge Station. A short section of the remains of the canal can be seen from the eastbound platform on the north side of the railway.

The canal arm then ran northward, passing under an electricity sub-station and crossing Old Redbridge Road near its junction with the A35 dual carriageway. Turning westward, the course of the canal follows the slip road to Redbridge roundabout.

The line of the canal runs round the south side of Redbridge roundabout and then crosses under the flyover towards Gover Road. The wide verge on the south west side of this road is in fact the alignment of the waterway. The junction of the Southampton Arm with the Andover Canal is now under the railway line on the west side of Test Lane at the end of Gover Road.

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