Southampton and Salisbury Canal: Picture Gallery No 3

Southampton Arm: Houndwell to Millbrook

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The canal ran north west from the junction with the Northam Branch (see Gallery 1) through the tunnel which passed under Above Bar and in front of the present Civic Centre. It is not known how close construction of the tunnel got to completion, but it is unlikely that it was ever navigated.

The tunnel emerged at its western end north west of the later railway tunnel just north of Kingsbridge Lane in land that is now part of the BBC Broadcasting Centre. The canal then followed the line of Blechynden Terrace just above high water mark. In the 1840's, the railway was constructed on the foreshore.

West of Southampton station, the canal ran at the foot of a small cliff. It continued to run along the shore of the tidal River Test until Millbrook Point (see Gallery 4). When the railway was first built here it joined the line of the derelict canal outside the point where the easternmost house in Saxon Road now is. The railway was then two track and also ran along the shore. It was widened southwards onto reclaimed land during 1933-5 when the New (Western) Docks were being built.

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