Southampton and Salisbury Canal

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A description of the route, including photographs, of the Southampton & Salisbury Canal from east to west is given on the following pages:

Southampton Arm

  1. God's House Tower to the Tunnel
  2. The Northam Branch
  3. Houndwell to Millbrook
  4. Millbrook to Redbridge

Salisbury Arm

  1. Kimbridge Junction to Lockerley
  2. Lockerley to West Dean
  3. West Dean to East Grimstead
  4. East Grimstead to Alderbury (under preparation)
  5. Alderbury to Salisbury (under preparation)

Explorers of the remains of the canal would do well to concentrate their investigations, particularly in rural areas, upon the winter months when verdant foliage is less likely to obscure the features they are seeking.

Please also note that much of the site of the canal, particularly on the Salisbury Arm, is on private property. We wish to ask that those seeking to view the remains not trespass upon such land without permission.

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