Southampton and Salisbury Canal


This page gives access to a number of maps showing the course of the canal.

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Southampton & Salisbury Canal Company

Joseph Hill's plan of 1794 (141KB) of the canal and printed for subscribers.

Ordnance Survey

The whole of the canal is shown in the two series of 7 maps as listed below.

Length of canal covered Modern 1:50000 Map Old Series One-Inch

Southampton Arm

Southampton to Millbrook Map 1 (115KB) Map 1 (129KB)
Millbrook to Redbridge Map 2 (104KB) Map 2 (113KB)

Salisbury Arm

Kimbridge Junction to Lockerley Map 3 (103KB) Map 3 (107KB)
Lockerley to West Dean Map 4 (94KB) Map 4 (115KB)
West Dean to East Grimstead Map 5 (90KB) Map 5 (119KB)
East Grimstead to Alderbury Map 6 (116KB) Map 6 (116KB)
Alderbury to Salisbury Map 7 (117KB) Map 7 (141KB)

The surveys for each of the ‘Old Series’ One Inch maps were collated by the surveyors onto preliminary drawings on paper at a scale of two inches to the mile using pen and ink. It was from these that the copper printing plates were engraved by hand at One Inch scale. These drawings were working documents, now over 200 years old, and in places are a bit the worse for wear.

The British Library holds these documents and the links below provide access to images of the drawings covering the Southampton & Salisbury and Andover Canals. The British Library online gallery site requires Flash Player to be installed on your computer.

Length of canal Link to drawing
Southampton Arm and Andover Canal from Redbridge to Stockbridge
Salisbury Arm
Andover Canal north of Stockbridge

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