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The Society’s Newsletter is published about 11 or 12 times each year (dependent upon the editor’s holidays) at or just before the time of that month’s Society meeting. Besides being printed on paper, it is also published on this website in PDF format.

If you wish to be sent an email when the Newsletter is published, email the Newsletter Editor with your name, email address and saying whether you are a member of the Southampton Canal Society. No matter, if you’re not a member, we can still send you an email. Once you've seen the Newsletter, you might wish to join us.

To read files in PDF format you need to have Adobe (or Acrobat) Reader version 4.0 or later on your device (computer, tablet or phone) and most do. Alternatively, modern browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge include PDF file readers.

From June 1995 until November 2014, the Newsletter was also published on this website in HTML format, but the time needed to convert the PDF format Newsletter into the second format seemed to the editor to have become excessive. In addition, modern home computers are more powerful than those of only a few years ago and so the more compact HTML format is of lesser importance.

So from September 2019, the Newsletter will only be available on this site in PDF format. The printed Newsletter is produced directly from this version and the two are identical in layout and content. HTML versions of the Newsletter produced before December 2014 will no longer be available in the Newsletter Archive.

Back numbers of the Newsletter since January 1990 are available in PDF format from the Newsletter Archive.

PDF (October 2021)
Click or touch the PDF icon to download your copy of the October 2021 Newsletter - The printed Newsletter is produced from this version and the two are identical in layout and content.
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