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As an added feature to the Southampton Canal Society website, I thought it might be an idea to allow Society members to show off some of their adventures / exploits on the canals on the web.

To kick this "feature" off, I've at last got around to converting a canal trip on the waterways into webpage format. This is the log of a trip made on the BCN Challenge Cruise in 2000 and submitted to the organisers as part of the Challenge. How did we do? You have to wait until the last page to find out! BCN Challenge Cruise 2000

As a follow-up to the 2000 cruise, I've just got around to including the log for this year's Challenge. I have no idea how well we've done this year as the results have not been announced. This time I've tried to re-create exactly the format of each page of the log-book. This does mean, however, that most of the pages take some time to download (apologies to those with a slow connection - like mine). BCN Challenge Cruise 2001

If any other member wants to show off / publish some exploit or even just a few pictures, just contact the Webmaster and we'll organise something.

Send your comments to the Web Site manager (Peter Oates)

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