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October 2007

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September Meeting

We are delighted to welcome Colin Scrivener to our September meeting with his "Reflections on the 50's". A very apt choice of programme considering the DVD "By Canal in the 50s" shown at our AGM at the end of July.

Sorry that Gill and I cannot be with you at this meeting but we are having a long-awaited break.

Annual General Meeting

A report on our 40th AGM has been included in this Newsletter. The Treasurer & Membership Secretary's Report and the 2006/07 Accounts were tabled at the meeting and have been reproduced in this Newsletter.

October Meeting - 'Day-Star Theatre'

As members are aware, we will be welcoming 'Day-Star Theatre' back to Southampton Canal Society next month, with their special compilation production of "What's all the fuss about?" Ticket sales are going extremely well but we have some way to go yet if we are to put out the 'House Full' board. Don't forget, this event is not just restricted to Society members so bring your friends, family and colleagues along. Tickets are on sale at our monthly meetings and from our new secretary Angela Rose (se details below).

As reported in our last Newsletter there will be an American Supper after the performance (along the same successful lines as always enjoyed after the annual Inter-Society Waterways Quiz). Wine, soft drinks and tea & coffee will be provided but each member or guest should bring along food for all to share.

Society Autumn Boat Trip

Time is fast approaching for our Society horse-drawn boat trip on the River Wey & Godalming Navigation on Saturday 6 October. As 'Iona' can accommodate up to 48 passengers there will be plenty of room for members, their families and friends. Full details of this outing are included in this Newsletter. As usual, Maureen Greenham is handling all bookings and she can be contacted by telephone on 023 8040 6951 or by email on:

It's Tea Time Again!

A reminder that we have just started a new volunteer rota for our monthly refreshments. Can you please see Gill at any meeting and add your name to the list. Many thanks.

The 'Virtual' Newsletter

Another appeal for members with Internet access to consider receiving their copy of the monthly Newsletter by that means. Please contact Peter Oates for details or if you are having problems accessing the Newsletter site.

Also, if you pick up your copy of the Newsletter at one of our meetings, can you please make sure you tick your name on the sheet. Some members are failing to do so which can lead to unnecessary additional postage costs. Thank you.

Paul Herbert

Society Boat Trip

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River Wey

& Godalming Navigation

Trip boat Iona

Saturday 6 October 2007

aboard the horse-drawn narrow boat 'Iona'

hauled by one of the heavy horses: Ben or Rosie

2 hour trip from Godalming Wharf at 2.00pm

Tickets: £12.00 per person

(includes a Cream Tea on board)

Bookings from Maureen Greenham

Telephone: 02380 406951


Day-Star Theatre

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Day-Star banner
Show title - What's all the fuss about?
Part of show title Part of show title

Day-Star Theatre with

a special compilation show of

extracts from some of their past plays

This will be followed by an American Supper

(drinks provided but bring food for all to share)

Thursday 4 October 2007

7.45pm at Chilworth Parish Hall

Tickets: £5.00 per person

Bookings from Angela Rose

Tel: 02380 632558 (day)

02380 403982 (home)


August Meeting

The Society's 2007 Annual General Meeting

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Thirty members attended the Society's 40th Annual General Meeting held on 26 July 2007, which was chaired by our Chairman, Paul Herbert. The meeting followed the usual procedure with all documentation published prior to or tabled at the meeting.

The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer & Membership Secretary presented their reports, highlighting issues of particular note. Whilst the Society continues to be successful with a full and varied programme of speakers and a number of enjoyable special events and outings, there has been a small fall in membership numbers and attendance at some of our monthly meetings has been disappointing, despite quality speakers. The Chairman again expressed the need for a drive to increase membership. It is known that there are a significant number of canal boat owners and others interested in the inland waterways living in our region and all members are asked to make efforts to bring the existence of the Society, and details of its programme, to their attention. Our financial position remains healthy, despite increasing costs, particularly the production and mailing of the Newsletter, and a year-end balance of approximately £1,500 (a similar sum as the previous year) has been carried forward into 2007/08.

A number of special events has been organised and special clothing ordered to mark the Society's 40th anniversary.

Both in his report and at the AGM Paul thanked all those Society members who contribute to its success. Without the continued support of those who regularly attend our monthly meetings, the officers and committee, and the small group of members who provide active 'hands-on' assistance at each meeting, the Society would not continue to flourish and provide so much entertainment.

At it's last meeting, the Committee had reviewed membership subscription rates and the AGM endorsed its recommendation to increase individual membership to £15 and £22 for families. The AGM also approved an increase in the refreshments charge to 40p.

There then followed the election of Officers and Committee. Paul reminded members that Laura Sturrock, our Vice-Chairman and Treasurer & Membership Secretary, and Eric Lewis, our Secretary, had previously notified their intention to retire at this year's AGM. Paul thanked Laura and Eric for all their many years hard work on behalf of the Society, its Committee, and members, and this was endorsed by the AGM who recorded them both a Vote of Thanks. Paul then had the pleasurable task of making a modest presentation of gift tokens to them both.

Paul reminded members that, when first elected, he had indicated that he would only be prepared to take the Chair for about five years, due to his other commitments. However, six years had now passed and, under normal circumstances, he would be looking to pass over to a successor. With the current changes on the Committee there was a need for continuing stability and, therefore, was prepared to serve for up to a further five years, if the membership thought appropriate. Paul also reminded the AGM that, at last year's meeting, with the knowledge that Laura would be standing down this year, members had elected Anne Coleman as (temporary) Assistant Treasurer & Membership Secretary. Anne had, in fact, been carrying out much of the Treasurer's role during the year. She was willing to be confirmed in that position. Both Paul Herbert and Anne Coleman were confirmed in their respective roles.

Angela Rose had indicated her willingness to be considered for the vacant position of Secretary, for which she was thanked, and was duly elected. All other Committee members - Maureen Greenham, Peter Oates, Alan Rose and David Townley-Jones, were willing to continue and, with no other nominations being put forward, were elected.

Sue Lewis, who had been the Society's Auditor for some years, had previously indicated her intention to retire at the AGM (but would be auditing the 2006/07 accounts, for which we thank her). Laura Sturrock volunteered to take on this role which was gratefully accepted by the AGM.

Paul reminded the AGM that, with Laura's retirement, there was a vacancy for Vice-Chairman. That role was not onerous and was normally elected from within the Committee. As none of the existing Committee members indicated their wish to take on that role it was agreed to leave the position vacant. The AGM agreed that the Committee be delegated to appoint a Vice-Chairman, in due course.

John Silman expressed thanks on behalf of the Society to all the Officers and Committee, especially to all the long standing members.

Following the AGM members enjoyed excerpts from an extremely interesting DVD - "By Canal in the 50s" which, on silent film, showed a number of journeys around the waterways system on board nb 'Stentor'. This DVD was produced to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the IWA. Copies are available from IWA or Video Active. (Many thanks to Peter and Laura for providing their IT equipment to enable the DVD to be shown.)

Society Accounts

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    2007   2006  
  £ £ £ £ £ £
Polo shirts & sweat shirts
  Net sales 30.50   24.00  
  Less: value of stock sold   30.50   5.29 18.71  
Sales Stand
  Sales 0.00  
  Less: value of stock sold   0.00  
Boat trips & skittles
  Income 327.50  
  Expenditure 320.00 7.50     0.00  
Mill trip
  Income 6.00   142.50  
  Expenditure 0.00 6.00   136.60 5.90  
Subscriptions   673.00   728.00  
Raffle   385.00   404.72  
Auction   0.00   150.00  
Refreshments   92.25   84.24  
Donations   34.00   66.50  
Library   0.00   18.00  
Interest   7.49     7.54  
  1,235.74     1,483.61  
Hire of meeting room 290.00   382.50
Lecture fees & costs 257.85   150.50
Equipment hire 0.00   0.00
Write down of surplus sales stock 0.00   50.00
Donations 100.00   275.00
Subscriptions 38.50   38.50
Newsletters 186.00   0.00
Postage & stationery 42.14   87.59
Insurance 207.10   213.50
Gifts + prizes 56.00   59.50
Depreciation   58.00     8.00
    1,235.59     1,265.09
  1,518.49     1,299.97  
Balance carried forward 1,518.64     1,518.49  

Treasurer's Report for year ended 31 March 2007

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Balance Sheet

The Society's bank balances are healthy as shown in the attached accounts at:

  Current Account £904.98
  Savings Account £327.12
  Cash in hand £28.88

This compares favourably with last year's total of £1,231.98.

Income and expenditure

The Society's income and expenditure account shows that we madea small profit of £0.15p for the year, compared with last year's £218.52. This is almost entirely due to the fact that we had to pay for the production of the newsletters this year, while last year they were free, the total cost being £186.00. Also, last year's figures were boosted by the profits from the Auction, which netted £150, and enabled us to give large donations to charities at the year end. We have not as yet made any donations for 2007. Members may wish to consider further fund-raising in the future for this purpose. The remaining difference is accounted for by a small decline in subscription income.

The cost of speakers remained constant, but more were paid fees rather than donations. We also profited from a refund of hall hire fees for the very cold December meeting!


During the year, several people left the society as they were moving away from the area, and only two new members joined. This trend continues, and could result in less subscription income in 2007/08 unless we can recruit new members to replace those leaving.

Anne Coleman

Newsletter Matters

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Lack of Material

For the last few issues of the Newsletter, the only contributions I have received have come from your hard-working Chairman. I would like to issue an appeal to all our members and other readers for further articles, news items, reminiscences, notes, letters, details of forthcoming events or indeed anything (preferably waterways related) that might be of interest to your fellow members.

I can't guarantee that I will use every item I might receive as space sometimes is at a premium, I will try to use as many of them (assuming it is plural) as I possibly can.

Saving costs

The costs of producing and distributing the Newsletter have grown enormously in the last couple of years.

Some 30 individuals now receive their copies of the Newsletter each month via the Internet thus saving the Society a considerable amount of money by reducing postage and printing costs.

The Newsletter is made available to these members several days before the meeting and they also get to see it in colour.

So in addition to Paul's plea on the front page, may I ask you to consider this method of delivery.

Peter Oates, Editor

Send your comments to the Web Site manager (Peter Oates)

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