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September 2008

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2008 Annual General Meeting

Welcome to all members attending the Society's 41st Annual General Meeting. The agenda and all supporting documentation are included in this Newsletter.

September Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on 4 September when Dave Yaldren will tell us all about the Mid Hants Railway Preservation Society and 'The Watercress Line'.

Welcome to New Members

I am pleased to welcome new Society members, Frank and Janet Holttum. I hope you will enjoy our future programme of speakers and special events.

Society Late Summer/Autumn Outing

Maureen Greenham is organising a further boat trip on Wednesday 24 September. This time it will be a Gosport Ferry Three Rivers Cruise. Full details are shown below.

'Day-Star' Theatre

'Tickets for DayStar Theatre's production of 'Put That Light Out', which will be staged at Chilworth on 2 October, were put on sale at our July meeting and initial sales were encouraging. Tickets at £7.00 each are available from our Secretary, Angela Rose, and our Treasurer & Membership Secretary, Anne Coleman. Their contact details are elsewhere in this Newsletter.

'Day-Star Theatre' - 'After Show Supper'

Just a reminder about the American Supper which will follow Day-Star Theatre's performance on 2 October. That supper will be along the same lines as previously. Wine and soft drinks will be provided but each member or guest should bring along food for all to share.

Society Skittles Evening

A further reminder that a Society Skittles Evening will be held at 'The Kings Head' in Hursley on Friday 7 November 2008. Bookings and further information from Rogan Olding - Tel: 023 8026 3660 Email:

Membership Subscriptions

Our new subscription year starts from the AGM. The Committee is recommending that there be no increase but that decision depends, of course, on the views of the wider membership.

There are a number of members who haven't yet paid their subscriptions for the year 2007/08 (and there are even a few outstanding in respect of the previous year). Those members have received reminders and it would be appreciated if all outstanding subscriptions can be paid as soon as possible.

Joyce Mayhew

I have recently received a letter from our Life Member, Joyce Mayhew, who is well known to many of our members. Following the death of her husband, Eric, last November, Joyce has moved into sheltered accommodation and very much regrets that she will be unable to return to our meetings. Joyce wishes 'one and all' the very best for the future and hopes the Society goes from strength to strength. Many thanks Joyce.

We will, of course, continue to send our monthly Newsletters to Joyce to keep her in touch with our activities.

Articles for the Newsletter

This is yet another plea to members to please let our Editor, Peter Oates, have items for the Newsletter. We know there are stories out there that would be of interest to your colleagues. So come along there, start writing!

Paul Herbert

SCS Autumn Outing

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A trip has been arranged for Wednesday 24 September to go on a Three River Cruise from Gosport. The boat leaves at 11am and we return at approximately 5.30pm. The cruise takes us to Southampton Water passing the ocean liner and container ship berths to visit the Rivers Test, Itchen and Hamble before heading back to Portsmouth along the north shore of the Isle of Wight and ending with a grand tour of Portsmouth Harbour.

Dock Head, Southampton

Dock Head, Southampton

The cost is £13.50 for adults and half-price for children. Food is available to order or to buy on board and the various options will be notified to members shortly. Please add your names to the list at the AGM if interested or contact Maureen Greenham at or telephone 023 8040 6951. Payment to be made by the September meeting please.

July Meeting

Dennis Bright - 'Wild West Wales'

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Whenever Dennis visits us we can be guaranteed a great performance and he certainly didn't let us down at July's meeting. His knowledge and enthusiasm seems to know no bounds and, as we have come to expect, Dennis's photography was superb. His delivery was interlaced with the usual sense of humour. In this brief review I can do no more than scratch the surface of Dennis's presentation.

He guided us through the uplands and valleys of Wales, particularly through the Elan Valley, and its beautiful lakes, which attract more than 400,000 visitors every year. His photographs (all digital now, he explained) of the landscape and geology of the area were enticing. As for the wildlife, where can I possible start? We saw a few sheep (he told us there are 40,000 in the Elan Valley alone!) and countless photographs of different species of birds, too many to remember let alone recount.

Around 80 species of birds breed regularly in the area including the Merlin, Goshawks, Peregrine, Red Kite and Golden Plover. When talking about birds of prey, Dennis raised the issue of the declining number of small birds in our own area, mainly due to the activities of a growing number of Sparrow Hawks.

Dennis was extremely enthusiastic about the architecture of the dams built in the area, each one constructed in a different style, and things of particular beauty, particularly to a photographer of his talent.

Members will recall that several of Dennis's wild life photographs have been featured in the national press - the kingfisher and robin will be well remembered. He brought along with him enlargements of those published photographs.

Many thanks Dennis for a splendid evening and we will all look forward to your next 'performance'.

Paul Herbert

Captions Received!

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Paul Herbert

The picture on the left, taken during the May's Society Boat Gathering was published in the last couple of Newsletters. Showing our illustrious Chairman, Paul Herbert, it was taken by Lynn Olding and she felt that members might like to suggest some 'quotes' or 'captions' to go with it, as a bit of fun.

At last, the following captions have been received from an anonymous group of members:

Good grief, it's alive cap'n.

I could just manage this one, the diet starts tomorrow!

This is what happens when it's rough.

Cor, they have big seagulls on the cut!

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

... and it's so perfectly preserved!

What a whopper!

Day-Star Theatre

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Day-Star Theatre are returning to Chilworth again this year on the 2nd October 2008 with their production "Put That Light Out!".

They will be presenting a new family version of their very popular play for schools about the Home Front in World War 2. In particular, it follows the fortunes of Elsie Roberts, a young mother of two, from 1939 to 1945

Tickets for the performance and the following American Supper at £7.00 each are now available from the Secretary, Angela Rose (contact details).

Put that light out!

AGM Agenda

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SCS Logo



Chilworth Parish Hall, Chilworth, Southampton

Thursday 31 July 2008 at 7.45 pm



  1. Announcements.
  2. Apologies for Absence.
  3. Minutes of 2007 Annual General Meeting held on 26 July 2007 (herewith) and matters arising.
  4. Chairman's Report (herewith).
  5. Secretary's Report (herewith).
  6. Treasurer and Membership Secretary's Report (herewith). (Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31 March 2008 and the Balance Sheet as at 31 March 2008).
  7. Review of Annual Subscription Rates.
  8. Election of the following Officers:-
  9. Election of Committee (the Officers plus up to three other Society Members. Additional Members may be co-opted as required).
  10. Any other business relevant to an Annual General Meeting, where prior notice of the item has been given.


Note: In accordance with the Society's Constitution, only fully paid up members are eligible to vote at a meeting of the Society. Individual members and affiliated member organisations are entitled to one vote. Joint or family membership entitles that category to a maximum of two votes. Only members aged 18 or over are eligible to vote. All votes have to be cast in person, no proxy votes being permitted.

Minutes of 2007 AGM

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  Current Proposed
Individual Membership £14 £15
Family Membership £20 £22
Position Name Proposed by Seconded by
Chairman Paul Herbert Peter Oates Eric Lewis
Secretary Angela Rose Gill Herbert Adrianne Howarth
Treasurer & Membership Secretary Ann Coleman Peter Oates Laura Sturrock

The meeting closed at 8.55pm.

Chairman's Report - 2007/08

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I am pleased to present to members of Southampton Canal Society my seventh Chairman's Report.

It has again been an eventful year on the waterways, particularly at national level. The condemnation of the Government's savage budget reductions to British Waterways and the Environment Agency continued. That was followed by BW's sudden and unexpected withdrawal, without consultation, from the Cotswold Canals Partnership (though more on that project later). Then we had the farce of BW's ill-conceived, highly controversial and unpopular moorings auction trial that had some results completely unexpected by BW - they were warned! We had the Transport Minister announcing new drink and drive regulations, but this time directed at boat skippers. Boaters are facing heavy increases in their running costs because of the increase in licence fees and the withdrawal of red diesel together with the proposed rise in duty on fuel by HMG. More recently has been the Environment Agency's proposal to sell off many of its Lock Keepers' houses - that has really gone down well!

There has been some good news, however. Despite BW's withdrawal from the Cotswold Canals Partnership, Stroud District Council has stepped in and the Heritage Lottery Fund has agreed to honour its £11.9m package. The Environment Agency has postponed the sale of lock-keepers' houses on the Thames following significant lobbying, an Early Day Motion in Parliament and a meeting between MPs and the Minister of State for the Environment. The Liverpool Link, the UK's first canal to be built for more than a century (it is claimed) moves at a fast pace and is due to open during 2009.

More locally, the Wey & Arun Canal Trust started the third and final phase of its ambitious project to restore the canal crossing under the B2133 main road through Loxwood. This will restore a link that was broken over 100 years ago and open the way to restoring the canal route to the Surrey border and beyond. Work progresses on The Itchen Navigation Heritage Trail Project, which attracted £1.6million from the Heritage Lottery Fund, together with substantial funding from the Environment Agency, local authorities and other bodies. A new guide to the popular long distance footpath along the River Itchen has recently been published. Following fears about its future last year, agreement has now been reached in connection with the funding of the Basingstoke Canal.

So, what about Southampton Canal Society? As the Society enters its 42nd year, we can look back on our last year with pride and a sense of achievement. Whilst it was not possible to deliver all suggestions for events and activities to mark our 40th anniversary, nevertheless we had a very good year with an excellent programme of speakers, as usual covering a wide range of topics. We were taken back to the waterways of the 1950s; we went out with the 'Tuesday Night Club'; saw the Changing Face of the Waterways; travelled the Scottish Highlands via its canals; enjoyed the thought provoking act of 'Fruit Flies Like a Banana'; went overseas, by narrowboat, to Norway; even further to China and back, following the Silk Road; before finishing off with the wild life of Wales. We also enjoyed our annual 'favourites', the Inter-Society Waterways Quiz and the Members' Photographic Evening, the special return visit of Day-Star Theatre, our outings on the River Wey & Godalming Navigation, the Basingstoke Canal and The Watercress Line, another Skittles Evening and a number of our boating members participated in the informal Society Boat Gathering.

Many of us took the opportunity to purchase the new line of 40th anniversary clothing.

During the year some members celebrated special anniversaries of their own, namely Brian Evans and Alan and Sonja Moorse. We welcomed six new members and sadly had to say a final farewell to Eric Mayhew.

It has been a year of change as far as the Committee is concerned with Laura Sturrock, Eric Lewis and Sue Lewis retiring, respectively, from their roles of Vice Chairman and Treasurer & Membership Secretary, Secretary, and Auditor, at last year's AGM. We were pleased to welcome, in their places, Angela Rose and Anne Coleman, as Secretary and Treasurer & Membership Secretary, whilst Laura offered to take on the vacant role of Auditor. Thanks to them all. The position of Vice-Chairman remained vacant.

And so to the part of my report that I enjoy writing the most - the 'thank you' section. I must start with the other officers and committee members as, without them, there would be no Society. The Committee has continued to work well together and, as has become fairly traditional, I would now take this opportunity to thank each member personally: our Secretary, Angela Rose; our Treasurer and Membership Secretary, Anne Coleman; our Newsletter Editor and Webmaster, Peter Oates; our Raffle Manager, David Townley-Jones; our Outings Organiser, Maureen Greenham; and Alan Rose who has been so supportive on the Committee and, with Angela, has arranged for the provision and sale of our 40th anniversary clothing.

I regret to have to inform members that Anne Coleman has indicated that she will have to retire from her position of Treasurer & Membership Secretary, due to pressures of work. Many thanks Anne for all your work over the last two years. Therefore, we will be looking to replace Anne at this AGM. All the other officers and committee members have indicated their willingness to stand for election for a further year and I am delighted that Alan Rose is willing to stand for the vacant position of Vice-Chairman.

Many thanks to Alan Howarth for running the Society Library (and also to Alan and Adrienne for storing all those boxes); to Laurie Pearce for his regular assistance with the raffle; to Gill Herbert and her volunteers for providing our monthly refreshments; to Rogan and Lynn Olding for organising our Skittles Evenings. Our monthly raffle remains our highest regular income and I would like to thank all those members who have donated prizes.

A special 'thank you' to our President, Brian Evans, who is always there to give his support and advice.

In addition, many thanks to all those members who arrive early at our meetings and lay out the hall, and to all other members for their continued support of the Society.

And for the future, we have an interesting and varied programme of speakers and other activities arranged, including a boat trip in September, the return of Day-Star Theatre in October and a further Skittles Evening in November. A number of outings are being discussed for 2009. Full details of our future programme will be published in the Newsletter. I would be delighted to hear from members any suggestions, either for speakers, or for any other activities likely to be of interest to their colleagues.

I said in my report at this time last year that "we have a lot to be thankful for and the Society has achieved a great deal, in constantly changing times, with many other activities competing for our leisure time" - and that view remains unchanged. The Society remains in good health, our financial situation remains sound, despite rising costs, and we have attracted new members. However, concerning the latter, our monthly attendances over the past year have varied significantly and, whilst I have said the same thing in my report every year, I make no apology for stressing that attracting new members must remain our highest priority. When we hear from potential new members that they didn't even know the Society existed, despite us having been around for over forty years, we have got to do a great deal more work marketing ourselves, and this is something the Committee has been discussing again recently.

Our monthly Newsletter remains our most important marketing tool and service to our members, particularly to those unable to get to our meetings. Andy, our Printer, has continued his excellent service and we always receive issues on time for our monthly meetings. More and more members have availed themselves of our emailed Newsletter, which results in quite a financial saving to the Society as well as reducing the effort of stuffing envelopes. In most cases, those members can access their copies in advance of our monthly meetings. I would encourage all members with access to the Internet to change to that form of delivery. Also, I would make a plea, yet again, for members to provide articles, advertisements, in fact any kind of contribution to the Newsletter.

In all my previous Annual Reports I stated that the future looked bright for the Society if we were able to maintain our membership numbers and our sound financial position. We have not managed to attract sufficient new members and we must all work hard to bring the existence of the Society to the attention of people with waterways interests, living in our area.

It just leaves me to conclude by thanking all members for your continued support of the Society as we prepare to enter our 42nd year.

Paul Herbert


Secretary's Report - 2007/08

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As Secretary my thanks go first to Paul Herbert for another successful year leading the society through the 2nd half of our 40th year.

Thank you to Eric and Sue for the introduction to the "Job" being my first time ever on a committee!

Special thanks to all our members who supported and enjoyed the Boat trips organised by Maureen and Brian and the Skittles evenings with Rogan & Lynne.

2007 finale concluded with Day-Star theatre and the wonderful celebration cake made by Pam & Keith, (the unused section came back re-iced for the December quiz) plus Ken & Margaret's 40th banner.

Peter and Laura organised the very well planned quiz which was enjoyed by all. This year our team was pipped at the post, (so we have put the silver polish away).

2008 was well supported with the members slides & photo evening, which was followed by interesting speakers: Richard Thomas on "The Highland Canals"; Steve Haywood with "Fruit Flies like a Banana" and Clive Field taking about "Narrowboats to Norway".

Our meetings continue to be publicised in local newssheets and national waterways magazines as we are able.

Another very successful year.

Angela Rose


Treasurer's Report - Year ended 31 March 2008

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Balance Sheet

The Society's bank balances are healthy as shown in the attached accounts at:

Current Account £751.62
Savings Account £337.53
Cash in hand £377.44

This compares favourably with last year's total of £1,260.98.

Income and expenditure

The Society's income and expenditure account shows that we made a profit of £178.67 for the year, compared with last year's £0.15p!. This is entirely due to the profits made from Boat trips, Clothing Sales, Raffles and Day-Star theatre, which between them netted income of £1,015.61 . Subscription income remained stable at £677.00, which no longer covers the expenses of hall hire and speakers at a total of £809, not to mention the newsletter, which in its first full year of commercial production has cost £307.00.

The cost of speakers has risen from £357 last year to £567, of which £165 was donations to Waterways causes.


During the year, we lost two members and gained three new ones, and also chased members for overdue subscriptions from previous years, so our subscription income has remained the same, but we really need to try to recruit more (and dare I say Younger!) members.

Anne Coleman


Balance Sheet - Year ended 31 March 2008

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BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31 MARCH 2008 2008 2007
  £ £
Episcope less depreciation 30.00   38.00
Stock (raffle prizes) 42.47   42.47
Debtors & prepayments 158.25   177.19
Deposit account 337.53   327.12
Current account 751.62   904.98
Cash in hand 377.44   28.88
Creditors -73.31    
  1,624.18   1,518.64
Represented by accumulated of income over expenditure 1,624.18   1,518.64

Income and Expenditure Account - Year ended 31 March 2008

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  2008   2007  
    £ £ £ £ £ £
Polo shirts & sweat shirts            
  Net sales 897.41          
  Less: value of stock sold 661.63 235.78        
Sales stand            
  Sales 13.50     30.50    
  Less: value of stock sold   13.50     30.50  
Boat Trips            
  Income 807.50     327.50    
  Expenditure 535.00 272.50   320.00 7.50  
  Income 300.00          
  Expenditure 220.00 80.00        
Subscriptions   677.00     673.00  
Raffle   413.83     385.00  
Refreshments   79.77     92.25  
Donations   14.82     34.00  
Interest   10.41     7.49  
    1,797.61     1,235.74  
Hire of meeting room     407.00     290.00
Lecture fees and costs     402.00     257.85
Equipment hire     0.00     0.00
Write down of surplus sales stock     0.00     0.00
Donations     165.00     100.00
Subscriptions     0.00     38.50
Newsletters     307.00     186.00
Officers' expenses     73.13     42.14
Insurance     229.94     207.10
Gifts + prizes     100.00     56.00
Depreciation     8.00     58.00
        1,692.07     1,235.59
      1,518.64     1,518.49  
Balance carried forward   1,624.18     1,518.64  

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