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This archive lets you refer to articles previously published in the Society's Newsletter. The Society website was first established in May 1999; issues of the Newsletter covering the period from mid-1995 (the earliest copies held in electronic form) have been added. At present that are four issues which have some missing pictures/text - it is hoped to include these items soon (marked with *).

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Almost all issues of the Newsletter in the archive produced between July 1995 and November 2014 are available as normal web (HTML) documents and also the majority can be downloaded in PDF format. The HTML version of the archive may not contain regular items from Newsletters such as those about future meetings, the sales stand or the Waterways Events feature. The PDF versions, being facsimiles of the original Newsletters, contain the full text and pictures from each issue and are larger files which take longer to download. The size of each download is given in the lists.

Please note that those PDF files marked thus † contain scanned images of paper copies of the original Newsletters and, as such, these files cannot be electronically searched for text. It should also be noted that the legibility of these issues is dependent upon the quality/condition of the paper copies used.

The PDF files will normally open in the same browser window as this page but this depends upon the set-up of your device (eg computer, tablet or phone). In order to view these files, you need a PDF reader (such as Adobe or Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or later) installed on your computer. Alternatively, modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge may include PDF file readers.

Get Adobe Reader logo The latest version of Adobe Reader can be obtained FREE from the Adobe website (opens in new window). On Android or Apple devices this may re-direct you to either Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes Store.

It should be noted that links to websites and e-mail addresses within archived Newsletters are NOT maintained and may no longer be valid.

There is a separate index of meetings that have been held since 1990.

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